Bush Chatter

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sir archie

Has anyone used, or come across the phrase "Bush Chatter" ? Is it in use?

As in,

"They speak Bush Chatter "

I think it referes to the habit of inventing or corrupting words, as President Bush does.
For example "renewification" for renew, "Acustomization" for acustomise. and so on and so forth.
In a double meaning, it also seems to refer to the noises of the wild.

Can anyone throw any light on the subject please?
  • commamomma

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    U.S. English
    I'l still reeling from "putting food on our children." but George Bush simply cannot speak his mother tongue with any degree of dependable correctness. That must seem strange to leaders ot other nations since most, if no all of them. speak their nation's tongues with splendid accuracy. They speak their languages fluently and fluidly.This should prove convincingly that American should NEVER elect as president that man they would most like to drink a keg with. Hopefully, the next candidates will be vetted by us. the professional grammarians.
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