Bush would veto Dem's Iraq bill


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I want just to make sure I correctly understood the meaning of the verb ''to veto''

'' White House says Bush would veto Dem's Iraq bill ''

Does it mean : White House opposes to Dem's Iraq bill.

Many thanks for your confirmation,
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    Veto means to forbid or prohibit.
    The President has the authority to veto a bill or joint resolution, and thus prevents its enactment into law.


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    Hi Piotr,

    Veto does not necessarily mean oppose, though it usually does.

    Here is our dictionary definition:
    forbid, prohibit, interdict, proscribe, veto, disallow

    command against;
    In the strange world of politics, one might agree with a bill(a proposed law), and still veto it for political reasons. A veto (the noun) is a blockage. Thus to veto something is to prevent it from going forward, which in the case of a bill means to prevent the bill from becoming law.


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    A veto is a vote which cancels all others.

    For example, the United Nations Security Council has 15 members. Ten are temporary and five are permanent. The five permanent members - the US, China, Russia, France and the UK - have a veto.

    This means that if any one of the Five Permanent Members votes No, the resolution is defeated, even if the other 14 vote Yes.

    The US President does not have an absolute veto.
    The President may refuse to sign a Bill, and send it back to Congress.

    If two-thirds of the Senate and two-thirds of the House of Representatives support the Bill, it becomes law without the signature of the President.


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    The President could veto a bill based on the language and not the content. Or for this bill, he could veto it because he believes it unconstitutional.

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