Business class (school subject)


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I'm teaching school subjects and am never able to figure out how to 'Business Class'. Not the kind you take on a plane, but the kind you take at school.
Por favor, ayudenme, con esta asignatura...
  • I am not very sure of your question: nowadays we dont translate *Business class* at airports, we say : i flight in Business and everybody understand in which class do u flight (literal clase de negocios = clase preferente)
    In the school is it a subject named Business class? about business? i am afraid its not very clear.
    I believe it's "administración". You could say "Yo doy clases de Administración"
    Si es una asignatura genérica, yo diría que lo mejor es ''Ciencias Empresariales''/''Gestión de Empresas''/''Administración de Empresas''.