Business Manager (of a union)

Mr. Bear

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I have a question that may be difficult to answer, but I hope not.

The official title of the elected head of my union, and indeed, most unions, is "Business Manager." There are also Assistant Business Managers, Senior Assistant Business Managers, and so on.

A more accurate way of describing his duties is to say that he is the manager of the union's affairs, or business. Obviously, a union is not a for profit business, per se. Rather, it is an organization that represents the workers of a particular company or industry, negotiating wages, working conditions, benefits, etc.

I have been translating this as "Gerente de Negocio," but I'm not satisfied with that. It implies that it is a business, when it's not.

In Europe there are unions. I wonder if they are called Business Managers, or if there is some other title by which they are known.

Does anyone have any knowledge of this subject?

Muchísimas gracias de antemano.
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