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I heard a friend of mine say 'I won't bust my gut on that project' or 'I won't bust my guts on that project,' when he had no mind to make effort for the project. Now, I know you say 'bust a gut on that project,' but is 'bust my gut' or 'bust my guts' a variant of 'bust a gut'? Would you use it at all, or do you think you would hear it said at all?

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    I think the expression "bust a gut" is colorful and fun if you are speaking casually. It's not something I say, but not because I don't like it...it just doesn't come to mind for me.

    An expression I do use all the time is similar. "I bust my gut laughing!"

    To mean the same thing as "bust a gut," I say (and it rhymes) "bust my butt."

    "I'm not going to bust my butt for this company. They're just going to lay me off at 55 anyway."


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    Bust your gut laughing is another valid expression! To me it isn't the emotion, but the physical manifestation of laughing that makes my gut bust, or nearly does. Ever laugh so hard you are holding your stomach? That's when I'd say, "i laughed so hard I nearly busted my gut!"
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