1. spaniardpolo Senior Member

    Spanish (Spain)

    What would be the correct translation in a context of a poker game in which appears two phrases regarding players who have lost in a determined round. For instance;

    ' 2 players have been busted out and 19 eliminated'

    Eliminated players are those who lost their hands against other players, and busted out players would be those who did not reach enough points to remain playing.

    My try:

    ' 2 jugadores expulsados y 19 eliminados'

    Any other suggestions, please ?

    Thanks in advance
  2. Wisconsinite Senior Member

    English United States
    Does "busted out" mean "going bust"?

    Going bust means banca rota.

    Don't know if this applies in your situation. . .
  3. spaniardpolo Senior Member

    Spanish (Spain)

    Perfectly !!! Thanks a lot.


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