1. Alpheratz

    Alpheratz Senior Member

    Could you help me there ?
    A woman who has breast cancer says :

    It's funny because I'm completely obsessed with other women's tits. Like I can't stop staring at them. Everybody, the doctors, the nurses. Just people walking down the street keep busting me, you know, checking out their rack.

    What have I to understand here ? The woman is being hit by passerbies ?
  2. mdb Senior Member

    Manchester, UK.
    UK English
    In this example, "bust" means to catch somebody doing something bad or wrong. For example, at school if your friend is caught doing something wrong by a teacher, you might say "haha, Busted!"
    It could also be used for the police busting a suspect, something like épingler.
  3. JeanDeSponde

    JeanDeSponde Senior Member

    France, Lyon area
    France, Français
    Funny - Actually I had read it as it ruins me / ça me met le moral dans les chaussettes...
  4. +1

    There is obvious word play between
    "to bust" meaning to be caught doing something you shouldn't be doing
    and "bust" breast/tit/rack, relating to her breast cancer.
  5. Alpheratz

    Alpheratz Senior Member

    ooooookay ! I didn't see that !
    Thank you very much to the three of you !
  6. johnblacksox Senior Member

    English - US
    I replied in the other thread:

    "People keep busting me" = "People keep catching me"

    If you say someone is "busted", it means "caught", usually doing something inappropriate. It probably comes from the old police slang of "busted" = "arrested".

    And I disagree with Colmartranslation that it was a deliberate pun. Even though "bust" (noun) is the same as "rack", in this instance, I'm sure there is no word play or pun intended here. The verb "busted" and the noun "rack" are both extremely common slang, used separately all the time. You would just as easily say that someone was busted for staring at a woman's butt or face, or whatever.

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