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    C A I R O
    Dear all
    In the following sentence:
    In busy times, Store efficiency becomes even more crucial to ensure the best customer experience for everyone!
    (Busy times) refers to any period that comes before feasts or holidays when all people rush to buy things here and there!
    How could you express this term in a promotional context!
    Thanks in advance
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  2. ayed

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    Marhaba Haroon,
    I would suggest :
    أوقات المواسم
    أوقات المناسبات
  3. إسكندراني

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    أرض الأنجل
    عربي (مصر)ـ | en (gb)
    المواسم التي يقبل فيها المشتري بكثافة
    مواسم الذروة (؟)ـ

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