But actual true-blue friendship that <transcends> job titles?


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Source:3 Reasons Workplace Friendships Are A Lie

When people, especially my fellow "yootz of today," talk about being friends with their coworkers, I usually roll my eyes. In 99.9% of cases (the other 0.1% being those of you who met your BFFs when you were both camp counselors at Lupin Lake in 1996), they’re not really talking about forging lifelong bonds; they mean getting along with their cube mates, joking around, maybe going out for beers. "Friends" vs. Friends. Buddying up is fine. Socializing is totally doable. But actual true-blue friendship that transcends job titles?
Hi everyone! How to understand "transcend" here?
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    I suppose the problem here is to define exactly what "job titles" symbolize. Maybe proper friendship that goes beyond fulfilling the roles that we are expected to play with colleagues.


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    Yes, I agree that transcend here means “goes beyond” (as se16teddy says) even “goes completely beyond”. Transcend has the sense of “reaching a new level”.

    As an aside, I think of “true blue” as an Australian expression meaning authentic. We use it idiomatically in the expression “true blue Aussie” to mean a “real” or archetypal Australian. I was surprised to read it here in a different context but with roughly the same meaning.
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