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Hi friends,

I am writing an email to boss. it is as follows

Hi Xyz
ABC asked me to call you on July 27, to discuss the same. But I am sorry, I couldn't turn up on that day.

Are but and sorry are placed correctly? Please let me know
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    You don't need the "But" here in my opinion. Here's the way I would use both words:
    I know I didn't call you, but I'm sorry. I fell in a well and was only rescued an hour ago.
    [Note that you can also use "and" in place of "but."]

    For yours:
    Priscilla asked me to call you on July 27 to discuss this matter. I'm sorry that I wasn't able to.
    [Note that your two original sentences confuse "calling" and "meeting." This version just focuses on calling.]
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