But do you feel the same?

Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by sweethunibabi, Sep 3, 2006.

  1. sweethunibabi New Member

    English, USA
    Come si dice "But do you feel the same?"

    Ma, senti stesso?

    Probably very wrong, but I'm just learning...
  2. Snowman75

    Snowman75 Senior Member

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    Australia (English)
    I'll have a go...

    Ma ti senti lo stesso?

    If you mean "do you still feel the same", then I might add "ancora":

    Ma ti senti ancora lo stesso?

    Also, I think "lo stesso" might become "la stessa" if you're speaking to a woman, but wait for confirmation/corrections from a native speaker.
  3. Jana337

    Jana337 Senior Member

    I would say:
    Ti senti come io? (If I guessed the context correctly)
    Senti lo stesso? ("lo stesso" remains regardless of gender)

    The combination of "sentirsi" and "lo stesso" does not sound right to me. But I am not a native. :)

  4. Henry63a

    Henry63a Senior Member

    Italiano - Italia
    I think that more context is essential to work out the correct translation.

    Snowman and Jana, your tries do make sense but with different meanings

    1. After that you had, let's say, a surgical operation I could ask you: "Ma ti senti ancora lo stesso?" ("la stessa" if I'm talking to a woman, Ok Snowman) meaning "Are you able to do the same things you used to do before your operation?"

    2. "Ti senti (anche tu) come meio?" or "Provi lo stesso anche tu?".
    This is, in my opinion, the closest meaning to sweet's question, because I'm asking you if we share the same feeling about something.

    3. If there's a big noise all around and you're watching TV I can ask you "Ma senti lo stesso?", but in this case 'Senti = Hear' and I mean "Can you hear, in spite of that noise?" (In this case stesso is always stesso, even if I'm talking to a woman, Ok Jana).

    Jana, The combination of "sentirsi" and "lo stesso" does not sound so bad to me:)

    Ok, If you're confused don't worry, I'm too!:confused:

  5. nickditoro

    nickditoro Senior Member

    Minneapolis, MN
    I hope you don't mind these tiny corrections, Enrico. :)
  6. Henry63a

    Henry63a Senior Member

    Italiano - Italia
    Why should I? I can't improve my English if you don't correct my mistakes
    Thanks Nick

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