"but I could do with some fresh stock."


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From the British novel "Follow You Home" by Mark Edwards.


Background: They're talk about human trafficking.
A is a bad cop who secretly supports human trafficking.
B is an agent. He'd captured women, made them pregnant then sold babies to underground market.

A: How's business?
B: Oh, not bad. Just did an excellent deal. But I could do with some fresh stock.
A: I'll let you know if anyone suitable cross my path.
B: Yes. The demand for high-quality product is stronger than ever. Especially among Russians.
A: But right now, you only have this one sow? (mentions to the girl in front of him.)


In the underlined sentence, I don't sure about it.
Does he mean "He got an excellent deal, sold the new baby but he has a little fresh stock (breeder; one girl at this time) so it's like run out of stock?". And that's why the police suggests he might send 'anyone suitable' to him.

Am I get the point?
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    You do (not "am") get the point.* B wants some fresh girls and A is letting him know that he will supply them if he finds them.

    *Here's the right way to ask that question: Do I get the point?:thumbsup:


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    Thank you owlman5 for corrected my grammar ^^

    Could I ask more? "Especially among Russians" means Russians need high-quality product?
    So could it made any different meaning if it used 'for' instead?
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