But I do


法语 / French (FR)
'Let's go to the movies!'
'Ugh.. I don't like cinema.'
'But I do. Let's go!'

How would I translate 'But I do' in the above example?

My try: 私は、好きですよ!
  • quantum zero

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    Since I don’t know how Japanese grammar works, I was waiting for someone to answer your question. And it seems like nobody is going to answer it, here is how I translate it.
    “but I do, let’s go.”
    That was my try.
    There was nothing wrong with 私は、好きですよ! I just felt too formal and nobody speaks like that.


    法语 / French (FR)
    It's just the way Japanese is presented in foreign textbooks - first they teach formal grammar and structures, then they gradually go toward more colloquial expressions. I am therefore ill accustomed to casual Japanese.

    Anyway, thanks for your help. Sometimes one has to be patient..
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