but I never seem to find the time.

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    How can I translate "but I never seem to find the time." in Polish?
    The context: "I never manage to do much exercise. I'd really like to go running every day just for half an hour but I never seem to find the time."
    Source: Antonia Clare, JJ Wilson. Total English Intermediate. Pearson Education 2006.
    My translation attempt is "ale najwyraźniej nigdy nie znajduję czasu."

    Thank you.
  2. sonorous Banned

    Yes, it is a good translation.
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    I think „ale jakoś nigdy nie udaje mi się znaleźć czasu” sounds slightly better. Najwyraźniej = apparently, and it's weird (in most contexts, but not all) to speak with uncertainty about your own experiences... Hence my suggestion to change najwyraźniej jakoś (= somehow).
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    The word "najwyraźniej" is used for conclusions based on, for instance, deduction, but there seems not to be any in the original sentence. I discern a simple statement saying that someone doesn't know how it happens, or doesn't want to delve into the reasons. "seem" brings the force of the whole sentence down a notch or two if you compare it to a simple statement of fact (i.e. the version of the sentence without "seem"). Hence, "jakoś" fits in better.

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