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estuba escuchando una canción y decía esto:

Had a little love
but I spread it thin falling in her arms and out again

No entiendo muy bien el significado.

Tuve un poco de amor
_________ cayendo en sus brazos y fuera otra vez

Maybe demostrar/ extender poco?

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    I think this expression comes from icing a cake. For example, imagine that you are spreading icing on top of a cake with a spatula and as you start running out of icing, the frosting or icing gets spotty or thin in places and you have to add more to those spots to even out the thickness of the frosting. Well, it's like love. In the song, the person was spreading his love too thin by constantly falling in and out of love with his partner.

    Hope I don't sound too crazy!


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    Yes, I understood what you said. (I think)

    Extendió demasiado su amor
    He spread thin his love to many people (he dispersed his love to a lot of girls)

    That's what I undestand
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