but if not then you've been saving it for January

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Hi, I am working on horoscopes. Can someone explain to me what the part in bold means?

So Venus has been in your sign for a while and will stay in Capricorn this month and the following one. Considering that Venus is the planet that represents, among other things, the power of attraction, love and beauty, you have experienced extra impetus in these areas of late. You're attractive, you radiate beauty and you are able to connect with someone in a loving manner. You must have noticed this recently, but if not then you've been saving it for January and the following month. In concrete terms, this may mean that you encounter new love and maybe even someone who feels made for you.

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    There is a comma missing between not and then. It means that if you have not noticed recently that you radiate beauty and are able to connect lovingly, then this doesn't mean it won't happen at all, it just means that it hasn't happened yet. You've been subconsciously saving it for later (postponing it until later).


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    If you have not noticed this recently (that you are attractive, radiate beauty, etc.), then you have been saving these characteristics for January and February. They will appear then.



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    I read that sentence as: You must have noticed the extra impetus recently, but if you have not, then you have been saving it for January and the following month.

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