But in passions like consenting, makes them constant that complain:

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kuba kuba

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Hello, would you be able to give me a helping hand with the following lines in the poem Oft thou Hast written by J.Coprario in 1606?

I can't figure the meaning of the lines in bold:

Music, though it sweetens pain,
Yet no whit impairs lamenting:
But in passions like consenting,
Makes them constant that complain:

The whole lyrics is to be found here: https://www.musixmatch.com/lyrics/John-Coprario/Funeral-Teares-I-Oft-Thou-Hast#

Thank you very much for any help, Kuba
  • The Newt

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    English - US
    I think "like" here may mean "alike," that is, "equally." In other words, music consents to express both pain and sweetness.

    Minnesota Guy

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    American English - USA
    "Complain" here doesn't have its ordinary meaning. Rather, it means "mourn" or "lament."

    So the last line means that music makes those who mourn ("them ... that complain") even more loving ("constant").
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