But it is the title story <that/ for which> he reserves (for) his most strident criticism (for).

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Dear friends in the forum
I have written the following two versions of a particular sentence, and would be grateful for your advice as to which is the more grammatically correct, or, if neither, then for ideas on how best to rephrase it:
i. But it is the title story that he reserves for his most strident criticism for.
ii. But it is the title story for which he reserves his most strident criticism.
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    I would be happy to go with version (ii).
    My objection to (i) has nothing to do with the preposition being at the end of the sentence, but a lot to do with the distance between preposition and object.
    If a sentence is causing you problems, look for a different way to say what you want to say.

    But he reserves his most severe criticism for the title story.
    Or if you want to preserve the cleft structure, SwissPete's solution :)
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