but lay silently


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Please, help me!

"Neither spoke, but lay silently listening to the tciking of the clock."

My attempts:

"Nadie hablaba, salvo el silencioso tic-tac del reloj."
"...., pero se escuchaba el silencioso tic-tac del reloj."

("the Monkey's Paw", By W.W. Jacobs."

Thanks in advance.
  • Hajt

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    Ninguno (de los dos) hablaba, yacían en silencio escuchando el tic-tac del reloj.


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    If you can avoid translating the BUT here, it sounds better the way HAJT said. BUT should be, anyways, SINO, here. But omitting it in this case is the best choice. Something less literal and more literary:

    "Ninguno de los dos hablaba; permanecían en silencio, acostados, escuchando el tic-tac del reloj."
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