(but) not before and yet

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Dear all,

... not before yet ... is used as in the following sentence from a newspaper:D:

But not before yet another sun-kissed week on Necker Island as a guest of Sir Richard Branson.

Does it mean the same as in:

- Have you already met them?
- No, to be honest, not before yet.

Thanks a lot:)

  • lucas-sp

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    English - Californian
    We wouldn't really say "not before yet," as you use it in your dialogue. We'd stick to either "not yet" or "not before now."

    In your extract "yet" belongs with "another," not with "not before." The underlying sense is already given by "not before another sun-kissed week." Then "yet" is added to "another" for emphasis - "yet another sun-kissed week." ("Yet another" is commonly used as a stronger version of "another.")
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