but not others

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Hi, this is from B. Crider's The Adventure of the Venomous Lizard.

A character is describing what he found out about the venomous lizard (Gila) which apparently killed his sister.

"They were often quite vivid, and one claimed that when the Gila attached itself to a victim, it refused to let go and had to be cut away.” ... “At least my sister was spared that horror.”
“Yes,” said Holmes, “but not others.
... ... “But we must not allow it to happen to anyone else. Can you help me find the Gila?”

My question is, what does the bold part refer to? My guesses:
A) Yes, but she was not spared other horrors. (of dying)
B) Yes, but others were not spared these horrors (of having to cut away the Gila)

Is it one of these or something else entirely?
Thank you for your help.
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