but now we no longer need to


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Est-ce qu'on peut comprendre ce phrase? Je l'ai trouvé difficile à traduire.

"Avant qu’on n’ait les médicaments modernes, si on tombait malade on aurait peut-être prié, mais maintenant on n’a plus besoin."

(J'essayais de dire "Before we had modern medicine, if you fell ill you might have prayed, but now we no longer need to.")

Merci. :)
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    Oh, sorry I didn't specify - I was asking whether it made sense in French rather than how to translate it to English. Thanks anyway though. =P


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    English English, français rouillé
    If you are doing translations, please supply the original version, (English in this case), so people who search the archives for help can find what they are looking for. :)
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