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Can anyone help translate the following passage in Spanish?

An LP might be worth $4.00 in great condition but only 50 cents with just a few visible scratches on it. The condition of the cover counts too!

We can tell from looking at a tape how used and/or abused it is. Good condition is essential for the resaleability of any tape.

  • Hi, iwc1973 and welcome to these forums.

    According to the title of your thread, "Sin embargo" is the main problem but I don't see it in your post.
    What is it that you don't understand?

    Be specific when choosing the thread title.

    Hi and thanks for responding quickly.

    I wasn't sure where this thread should go. Just to be a little clear, I need help translating the following sentences and I was wondering if the phrase "sin embargo" would be applicable.

    I see your point but if you don't make an attempt to translate it, I've no idea where you would place it.

    Un LP podría costar $4.00 si está en excelentes condiciones, pero sólo 50 centavos si...

    Does this help?
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    It helps a lot. My translation was completely different:

    Un elepé que alcanzaría un valor de $4.00 en excellente condicion, sin embargo puede valer solamente 50 centavos si el elepé esta un poco rayado con marcas visibles.

    Your version is succinct, which is what I was looking for. Again, thank you for your help.
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