But oversight is limited


Does "oversight" here mean "the responsibility of supervising something (here referring to these tools?)"? If so, should it be "But the oversight is limited"?

Computer calculations are increasingly being used to steer potentially life-changing decisions, including which people to detain after they have been charged with a crime; which families to investigate for potential child abuse, and — in a trend called ‘predictive policing’ — which neighbourhoods police should focus on. These tools promise to make decisions more consistent, accurate and rigorous. But oversight is limited: no one knows how many are in use. And their potential for unfairness is raising alarm.

Source: Nature 20 JUNE 2018
Bias detectives: the researchers striving to make algorithms fair
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    No, it doesn't mean responsibility for supervision, it means the supervision itself. There is a limited amount of oversight or supervision.
    In this context, "oversight" is a mass noun, and therefore uncountable.
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