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I'm watching 100% Hotter, and I want to know what "still-there makeup look" means. Grace is speaking with Daisy about her new makeup. Grace says " So Mel has done a beautiful... subtle, but still-there makeup look... sort of bronzy tones, because before they were kind of really pale and really ashy,
and the contouring was actually making you look older than you do now, so now you look fresh and bronze." I guess Grace means Mel still keeps Daisy's former makeup style/favorite style which is "ashy and silver", but I'm not sure. So, what does "still-there makeup look" mean?

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    No, you can be sure that this sort of programme aims to do “something new”, not keeping Daisy’s old style.

    I think it relates to the idea of make-up being effective in changing your appearance without looking like a mask. “Natural” is often cited as a goal for make-up.
    In this case the make-up style is “still there” (so not 100% natural!) but it is less fake. Her old style was patchy with excessive/ visible contours. The new look is better! Of course.


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    subtle, but still-there makeup look
    Subtle (not obvious or blatant), but still present.
    Subtle, but "you can still see that it is there, if you look closely".

    This has nothing to do with any other words or sentences. It has nothing to do with "former style".

    The word "still" is contrasting the word "subtle", not something else.
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