But the enemies got little by us

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Hi folks it is coming from Colonel Jack:
What does "But the enemies got little by us" mean in this context?

I was at the action of Carpi, July 1701, where we were worsted by the Germans; indeed, were forced to quit our encampment and give up to the
prince the whole river Adige, and where our regiment sustained some loss. But the enemies got little by us, (Question: what does it mean ?) and Monsieur Catinat, who commanded at that time, drew up in order of battle the next day in sight of the German army, and gave them a defiance; but they would not
stir, though we offered them battle two days together; for, having gained the passage over the Adige by our quitting Rivoli, which was then useless to us, their business was done.
  • Barque

    It seems to mean they weren't able to get many of their troops past those on the narrator's side.
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