But this flu season has been [a] particularly scary one for parents

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Source:How to Know When a Child’s Flu Turns Serious

The standard prescription for flu is to stay home and rest, drink plenty of fluids, and keep pain and fever under control with over-the-counter drugs like acetaminophen.

But this flu season has been a particularly scary one for parents. At least 53 children across the country have died from flu-related illness, and parents need to know how to tell if a child takes a turn for the worse — and if it is time to rush to the hospital.
Hi everyone! Im puzzled with the "a" underlined. Should it have been "But this flu season has been particularly scary one for parents"?
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    If you use substantive 'one' --- 'scary one' -- you need 'a'. I

    You don't need an article if you use the adjectival form.But this flu season has been particularly scary for parents.


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    The difference is that in your first example "one" is premodified by "particularly scary".

    If you put an adjective in front of "one" in your second example, you'd need an article:
    The plot is described as a complicated one that ''involves a premeditated racist act,.....


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    "One" has multiple functions (determiner, pronoun, noun), depending on the sentence you find it in.

    The pronoun "one" does not take a determiner, but when you premodify it with an adjective, "one" has to be a noun, so it then requires a determiner.

    But don't think "a one", with nothing between "a" and "one" is wrong. In constructions like "such a one as ..." and "How big a one do you need?", "one" has to be a noun because of "such" and "how big".

    And in, for example, "one such season", "one" is itself a determiner.
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