but-toned-down [end-of-line hyphenation]

Discussion in 'English Only' started by perpend, Jan 21, 2013.

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    The link you specify says:

    Of course, owning yourself requires also owning your sexuality. It's possible that only in making a very public proclamation about her orientation could Foster finally begin to let her quirks peek out from behind that buttoned-down persona.

    Presumably, you saw it in the Trib's print-version news columns which are the product of automated hyphenation and justification (H&J in trade parlance.) This occurs after it leaves the editorial process. Moreover, it apparently was written by a Los Angeles Times writer - not the Trib's - and syndicated (or shared, since both newspapers are owned by the same company these days).

    I don't see it (a single-teed 'but') as a problem for most people, but if it is, I would just call it "unfortunate automated hyphenation."

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  3. Parla Senior Member

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    What bad hyphenation? That, according to the American Heritage Dictionary, is the correct hyphenation of the word.
  4. perpend

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    Okay, Thanks sd. "H&J" helps me further.

    Yes, this was the printed, physical version Chicago Tribune. Some people still read news on paper. :)

    "unfortunate automated hyphenated" is also helpful.

    I do understand that it's correct, Parla, I was just thinking that the automated hyphenation might have a function that would catch this particular hyphenation as unfortunate.
  5. Copyright

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    I'm thinking this might be worse:

    ... peek out from behind that butt-
    oned-down persona.
  6. perpend

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    I get it, Copyright (true spelling of "butt"), but I don't know which is worse.

    1) but-toned-down
    2) butt-oned-down

    1) makes me think of butt exercises
    2) makes me think you lost a butt size

    After typing that, it's oddly related.

    Again, I think it was a very unfortunate automated hyphenation
  7. Loob

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    Your example reminds me of a "perils of hyphenation" story told by Keith Bradford in another thread, perpend:
    That still makes me laugh!:D
  8. perpend

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    Burst out laughing, just now. Thanks, Loob. It's all the same topic. :)

    I like "perils of hyphenation", btw* (*from you or Keith). Cheers
  9. sdgraham

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    It all depends upon how "anal-retentive" the person configuring the hyphenation dictionary might be. :rolleyes:
  10. Keith Bradford

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    The Chicago Tribune example is particularly bad, ignoring as it does the rule that you shouldn't split an already-hyphenated word (unless at the hyphen). I'd call this a misplaced hyphen. (I'd also call it bad editorship.)
  11. perpend

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    Thanks, Keith, for the additional terminology. I also found it pretty bad.

    That is a funny joke, sd, about the person "behind" the hyphenations, dictionary. I almost wonder if anyone is behind it. :) (In other words, it's just a computer program.)

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