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What is a another way to say that

The sun had gone down before the white-winged vessel was fairly out of the bay. But what of that? The moon was at its full, and it would give light enough; and before the dawn of the morrow, the narrow sea would be crossed. And so the prince, and the young people who were with him, gave themselves up to mer-ri-ment and feasting and joy.

It's an old story
  • Einstein

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    It means that the arrival of dusk wasn't a problem, because there was enough light from the full moon.

    To maintain the interrogative, you can say, "But why should it matter?"
    I'm sure there are better ways to say it; wait for other suggestions.


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    In casual AE, "But what of that?" is usually "But so what?" or just "So what?" But those may be a little too casual to fit in the story here: I am not sure.

    It doesn't need to be a question. It could be "But that didn't matter." Or you can put that in question form, as post #2 does. Either of those matches the text around it (not casual, but not formal).
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