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Under the French word « but » the page gives supplementary translations for boire. Seems like a page error.
  • Kelly B

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    Near the top of the entry:

    Du verbe boire: (⇒ conjuguer)
    but est:
    3e personne du singulier du passé simple de l'indicatif
    bût est:
    3e personne du singulier de l'imparfait du subjonctif

    So if your context sentence is il but une coupe de champagne, then translations of boire are what you're looking for.


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    Thank you for your message (and thanks @Kelly B for answering!). As Kelly has pointed out, but is a conjugated form of boire. If you enter a conjugated form of any verb into the search box, that verb will appear in your search results. It's a very useful feature of an online dictionary as opposed to a paper one (especially for beginners and/or unusual conjugations of irregular verbs).