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  1. slowlikemolasses Senior Member

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    Hi. How can I express the idiom "butchering the language" in Chinese?
  2. SuperXW

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    I would say: 把这门语言给毁了 or 毁了这种语言 etc. (destroyed this language)
    Or more insulting: 简直是侮辱这种语言 (humiliating this language)
    Either one. I think the tone could be more serious than the English idiom "butcher the language". For example, if you are a just a Chinese learner, even if you speak broken Chinese, we won't consider you are 毁了(destroying) or 侮辱(humiliating) the language. Only if you are using wrong language with disrespect, we consider it's 毁了/侮辱.

    Normally Chinese don't say 谋杀/屠宰(to kill/butcher)语言.
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  3. Ghabi

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    Hi! Besides what SuperX says above, perhaps you can also use 糟蹋, for example: 這樣子的翻譯,簡直是糟蹋了中文! "Translating in this way is simply butchering Chinese!"
  4. flyingheart Senior Member

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    I'd go with Ghabi and translate the given phrase as 糟蹋这门语言.
  5. khoo1993 Member

    ghabi's translating is better

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