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  1. katarina92 New Member

    german France
    With new butt-kicking curves, Angie started sporting lether looks.
  2. maxiogee Banned

    You are asking about 'lether', or 'butt-kicking'?

    I presume 'lether' should be "leather".
    'Butt-kicking' nowadays just means "killer", having referred to someone who could 'kick-butt'.
  3. katarina92 New Member

    german France
    Yes, I'm asking about butt-kicking.
    I still don't understand. "Killer" means like great, wonderful?
  4. maxiogee Banned

    "Butt-kicking" is used to mean "top".
    In comic books the hero would be the one who comes in among the gang of baddies and "kicks butt" to administer justice.
    As far as I know there is no out-doing someone who "kicks butt". They are unbeatable.
    This Angie's curves are obviously stunning, and worth showing off in leather. (Have you any pictures?)
  5. emma42 Senior Member

    North East USA
    British English
    Here, butt-kicking is used metaphorically -

    Angies's curves are so beautiful that they are the best. In terms of curves, she is the winner, the best, the most curvaceous, she kicks butt.

    This is an American English idiom. In British English, it would be "kick arse".

    You're really going to kick arse in that dress [you will be one of the, if not the most attractive women in that dress]. It's not very subtle, though!
  6. katarina92 New Member

    german France
    Thank very much for your answers!
  7. maxiogee Banned

    Who is this Angie?
  8. river Senior Member

    U.S. English
    Butt-kicking (adj.) extremely excellent. You could also say "With new kick-ass curves Angie stared sporting leather looks."

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