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  1. Necsus

    Necsus Senior Member

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    Italian (Italy)
    Hi everybody.
    Come tradurreste "butt-wads"? La frase completa è: "Yeah! Oh, man, we were wasted twenty-four-seven, and I got the message (che è diventato padre), and I just thought my friends were messing with me. Those butt-wads!" e una nota dice (butt-wads: childish slang - someone annoying or foolish).
    Thanks in advance!
  2. TimeHP

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    Italian - Italy
    In Italiano dovrebbe corrispondere a rompic......., o magari più semplicemente idioti.
  3. TimLA

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    English - US
    Probably impossible to translate. Imagine something rolled-up (a "wad") and placed in the posterior (butt) of someone. It is very negative, "childish" as stated, and rarely used by adults because it is not "strong" enough.
  4. Necsus

    Necsus Senior Member

    Formello (Rome)
    Italian (Italy)
    So a sort of "tampone da cu:warn:", a childish version of t:warn:d.
    Rompiscatole, fessacchiotti, stupidotti, bambocci, etc.
    Thanks, Tim & Time!
  5. edwinagt Member

    Hi Necsus,

    When you say "a childish version of t:warn:d". What exactly does t:warn:d stand for?
    I was trying to place it but I just can't seem to fill in the blanks.

    Thanks in advance.
  6. Necsus

    Necsus Senior Member

    Formello (Rome)
    Italian (Italy)
    Turd. Is it not the right term? (It's not an abuse, I know)
  7. edwinagt Member

    Yes, it's the right term. I was just a little bit slow :eek:
  8. Necsus

    Necsus Senior Member

    Formello (Rome)
    Italian (Italy)
    Ah. I was afraid I mistaken a word for another... :D

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