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    What does it mean, please?

    Johnny’s family isn’t from money. Not poor, but not from money. His mom adds, “I gave him two years of just going butt-whoopie-wild.” Once he was out on tour, making money, Johnny indeed went butt-whoopie-wild, accruing more than 100 pairs of designer sunglasses, a Lexus, and more Louis Vuitton than Kanye.
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    I sure like this forum. I learn new words and new things every day here.
    I have never before heard the expression "butt-whoopie-wild."
    I googled it and found only one hit, your question in this forum.
    I tried the urban dictionary, but it wasn't there either.
    Here is the link to the urban dictionary:
    Try looking up the meanings of each word separately. Some of the possible interpretations of these words do not bear printing in this forum.

    In any case, Johnny went really wild, was out of control. You can gather that from his spending spree.
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    It just means he went completely wild; went wild with abandon. In the context of the locaporfutbol's post Johnny went on a wild shopping spree leaving caution to the wind.

    Like I remarked in this thread, adding odd words that seemingly have nothing to do with anything in the sentence is a common way to add emphasis.
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    Thank you for you answer!

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