butter market

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This is an extract from the novel Flora's Lot by Katie Fforde.

Opposite was an ancient stone building which consisted of pillars that supported a small building above.

‘That’s the old butter market. Been in use since the 13th century. There’s a very good fish-stall here on Friday’s.’

I would like to know what the meaning of "butter market" is. Help me please. Thanks in advance.
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    Hullo Duc. She's talking about this type of building. It's exactly what it sounds like: a market where butter was sold.

    (Link shows image of Ledbury Market in Herefordshire.)


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    Just so you don't think butter markets always look like the beautiful half-timbered example in ewie's photo, here are some more. And of course the key words are "where butter was sold". These days butter is almost entirely industrially produced and delivered pre-packaged to point-of-sale. But some butter market buildings are still used as general markets — which explains why you might find fish in a butter market!;)

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