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Hi, I am looking a movie where a man who is seeing a beautiful woman says : " Now for her, I'd stand in line for a butter squirt ". They are in a movie theater.

What does "butter squirt" mean please ?
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    It is common to buy popcorn in a movie theatre and there is an option to have butter put on it - it is melted butter and is added by a machine that squirts it over the popcorn. It is also common for the line to buy the popcorn to be quite long, so it can be tedious to wait in line to buy it. Thus, the speaker is saying that the beautiful woman would be worth it:)

    PS You watch movies (not look movies).
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    This is a case where people say "butter" when it is usually not butter. While some movie chains use real butter in their topping, most use a vegetable-oil-based topping with artificial butter flavor.
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