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Linda Lafferty writes in her 'House of Bathory':

she bandaged the wound, using butterfly adhesives

Why butterfly? Is butterfly adhesive some special kind of adhesive plaster?
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    They are normally called "butterfly plasters". They are roughly the shape of a butterfly. Google will find you images.

    PS. Cross-posted with Rover. Steri-Strip, a trade-marked product, is not a butterfly plaster. The Wikipedia article is also wrong. Closure with Steri-Strips is not known generically as 'butterfly stitches' for obvious reasons - the closure looks nothing like a butterfly - and the example in the picture should be a cause for shame to whoever applied the strips. I accept that there are several websites using the term 'butterfly stitch' for Steri-Strips, but they also call Steri-Strips 'Steristrips' or even 'steristrips'. :(
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