buy weapons on a gold card


-- Explain what, Trott? That we were buying four stolen semi-automatic weapons on your gold card?
Who's That Girl, movie

The context is Nikki was going to buy some arms using Loudon's gold card.
Is it correct to use ON instead of WITH?
Thank you.
  • Egmont

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    They bought those weapons using his credit card.

    Many credit card companies have several types of cards. American Express, for example, has their regular green card. Their gold card costs more per year, is not available to everyone, and has extra features. (They have at least two more types of cards, Platinum and Centurion (black), with still higher annual fees and still more features, such as being able to use airport lounges before a flight. They also have many specialized cards, such as one that earns points for stays at Hilton Hotels and another that earns miles for travel on Delta Airlines.) The phrase "gold card" means, in general, a fancier credit card than the credit cards that most people carry.
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