1. rorocker Senior Member

    Hello, I don't the translation of these words in the follwing context:

    The door buzzer sounds and John gets it while Kim is her bedroom
    John : Who's it?
    Paul : (over the intercom) It's, uh, it's paul
    Kim : Oh God, is it 6:30? Buzz him in!

    So, what does she mean when she says Buzz him in? Let him in?

    Thanks for your help.
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  3. albertovidal

    albertovidal Senior Member

    Spanish, Argentina
    ¡Déjalo entrar!
  4. bookandlanguagelover Senior Member

    English - U.S.A.
    Yes, "buzz him in" means "let him in." Traditionally in an apartment, you would press a button that made a buzzing sound and opened the lock on the front entrance so your guest could come up to your apartment without you having to go down and get him or her yourself. We still use the term for the process even though many newer systems don't actually "buzz."

  5. rorocker Senior Member

    Thank you very much

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