Buzz / plucker (cask repair)

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    "These tools are used to make or repair casks.

    At the top are the hammer and driver. The driver is held on to the cask and struck with the hammer to force the hoop into position.

    In the middle is the adze. The adze is used like an axe for cutting off excess wood around the top of the staves. This angled part of the stave is known as the chimb.

    The object at the bottom is the buzz. The buzz or ‘plucker’, as it is sometimes known, is used for shaving the joints on the outside of the cask."

    Alguien sabe como traducir "buzz" o "plucker"?
    Muchas gracias!!
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    I'm going to suggest a few dictionaries, available on GoogleBooks (which I can post a link to because it's a commercial link and it's against the forum rules), which are a good starting point for research:

    • Diccionario politécnico de las lenguas española e inglesa by Federico Beigbeder Atienza.
    • Diccionario tecnológico by Néstor Ponce de León (look under "cooper" on page 201, you'll find some traditional vocabulary).
    • Tratado de enología by José Hidalgo Togores (look at page 1149).

    Based on the definition given in your text, "buzz" seems to refer a type of plane or jointer. I would say it's a garlopa, but a picture would help confirm.
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    spanish - spain
    thanks a lot!!

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