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  1. pikolo16 Senior Member

    Can someone tell me what "Buzzo" means?
    For instance when a guy fall into a trap, he could be called "Buzzo".

    But I'm not sure what does it means.
  2. Trisia

    Trisia mod de viață

    Any context?

    Are you sure about the spelling? (could it be "bozo"?)
  3. bibliolept

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    Northern California
    AE, Español
    Buzzo, while a name, is not a word in the dictionary. I would guess that it's a variant of the word "buzz."

    Can you tell us anything else about the context? What language was the text written in originally, what is the nationality of the writer, is the context informal or are many unconventional words used?
  4. pikolo16 Senior Member

    It was a movie.
    I do remember 3 guys fooling around with another guy.
    They were all car salesman, and they told the other guy to
    sell a car to the owner of the dealership.(only that he didn't know, he thought he was a customer)
    any way when he came back the 3 guys told him "You walked facefirst into that, Buzzo.".
  5. Trisia

    Trisia mod de viață

    Maybe his name was Buzz and they called him like that for fun.
    Or they knew someone named Buzz who was rather daft and this name meant someone stupidgullible/naive to them.
  6. pikolo16 Senior Member

    NO, he's name was "buddy". (yes, I know buddy means a friend, but it was his name)

    any clue? :)
  7. charlievega Senior Member

    Pisa Italy
    Dear Friend,
    Buzzo is an Italian word and means belly. It is used mainly in Tuscany and it is used to refer to a fat person, something like El Gordo in Spanish, or Fat, Fatty in English You can find it in the Zanichelli Dictionary of the Italian Language. It is not a word used in written context. In your case it is probably a nickname.
  8. ewie

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    Thanks for your explanation, Charlie ~ I'll remember it for next time someone yells Buzzo! at me in the street in Tuscany:eek:

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