Bwok (chicken sound) as a verb


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Some sounds that chickens make could be written as "bwok" or "bwak".
As far as I know, these aren't official words, though they describe well the sound I am trying to describe.
So if I were to describe chickens and their sounds, would using "bwok" or "bwak" as a verb be acceptable?

For example:
The chickens bwaked while pecking in the yard.
The chickens bwoked while pecking in the yard.

Or would it be better to write:
The chickens said "bwok bwok bwok" while pecking in the yard.

  • Gwan

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    (I'm assuming you are deliberately choosing not to use 'cluck' or another 'official word'.) For me 'bwoked' looks more understandable than 'bwaked', and 'said "bwok bwok" more understandable still. But I think if it's a piece of your own creative writing, it's basically up to you how much 'colour' and individuality you put into the text by using these sorts of onomatopoeic words, so it might be more 'fun' to use one of the verb forms.


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    If you'd like a little rhythm: The chickens were bwok bwok bwoking while pecking in the yard.

    I love it ... thanks for the word. :)
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