by a certain time (e.g., by Friday, by next week)

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  1. Chez Millie New Member

    Salut, les copains! Question is, how do I say "by Friday (or any other point in time)"? I've worked around it like this "Il faut le compléter avant vendredi" but it feels anglified and wrong. Thanks.
  2. moustic Senior Member

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    Hello and welcome to the forum Chez Millie.

    From the WR dictionary:
    by prep (time: not later than) d'ici à prép
    You must have the report done by Monday.
    Tu dois avoir terminé le rapport d'ici à lundi
  3. jetset

    jetset Senior Member

    D'ici vendredi
    Avant vendredi

    Both structures work.
  4. Chez Millie New Member

    merci, moustic et jetset!
  5. andiamco13 New Member

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    Will this work for other contexts? I want to say that I need to pick up my dog by 5 o'clock.
    Je dois récuperer ma chienne d'ici à 17h?
  6. ain'ttranslationfun? Senior Member

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    I'd go with "pas plus tard que", (pour) à xxxx au plus tard". "by" in this context indicates the latest that something can happen, a deadline.

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