by a certain time (e.g., by Friday, by next week)

Salut, les copains! Question is, how do I say "by Friday (or any other point in time)"? I've worked around it like this "Il faut le compléter avant vendredi" but it feels anglified and wrong. Thanks.
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    Hello and welcome to the forum Chez Millie.

    From the WR dictionary:
    by prep (time: not later than) d'ici à prép
    You must have the report done by Monday.
    Tu dois avoir terminé le rapport d'ici à lundi


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    Will this work for other contexts? I want to say that I need to pick up my dog by 5 o'clock.
    Je dois récuperer ma chienne d'ici à 17h?


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    I'd go with "pas plus tard que", (pour) à xxxx au plus tard". "by" in this context indicates the latest that something can happen, a deadline.
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