by all accounts

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These days the tiny island 120 kilometres north of Rome, cannot be visited. Crescent- of Martana in Lake Bolsena, shaped, like an upturned new moon, it is privately owned and its only inhabitant is the custodian who watches over the island’s few buildings and cares for the gardens. If you are curious and have money to burn, a boat can be hired from the nearby port of Marta that will tour you around the island so you can see its rocky, wooded shore. By all accounts almost nothing remains from the one time Martana achieved notoriety, in ad 535. There are a few steps on the shore that the Ostrogothic princess Amalasuntha might have walked on when she was brought to the island at the end of April that year.

This is from a book 'Rome: A history in Seven Sackings.

I'm wondering the meaning of 'by all accounts' from the underlined part.
My understanding is: From all aspects, one cannot find any notoriety from there that Martana gained one time. Do I understand this right?

Thanks in advance.
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    "Accounts" are descriptions that people have made (spoken or written).

    So "by all accounts" means "according to what people have said".
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