By all means, do it!

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  1. Ayakh Member

    I want to say "By all means, do it!"

    ie, go ahead! or, of course!

    but it's for an essay so has to be formal.

  2. sound shift

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    By all means = Mais certainement!; Mais faites donc!

    Do it by all means = Que rien ne vous en empêche.

    Source : Harrap's New Shorter French and English Dictionary.
  3. mother2003 Senior Member

    By all means = Mais certainement!; Mais faites donc!

    qu'en est-il concernant cette phrase:

    Would you mind if I came back tomorrow then?
    Oh, by all means. Come back whenever you like.

    Est-ce que ça te dérangerait si je reviens demain?
    Oh,mais certainement! Reviens quand tu veux.

    Ça marche pas dans ce context, je crois plutôt que c'est Oh, certainement pas non???
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