By all means, waste my time


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Salut à tous,

I saw this in other threads, but they kept using it as a response or at the end of a phrase, but not as an introductory statement. I'm looking to say it like this:

By all means, waste my time and yours
By all means borrow my shoes without asking
By all means gamble away your money

*the point here is the tone is especially negative (you don't have to translate all the examples, it's just to show the tone mainly, sort of sardonic)

something like:
Bon, vas-y, tuer mon temps et le tien
  • misterk

    "By all means" is in the same register as "please," "thank you," or "you're welcome," said sarcastically.
    Je t'en prie,...
    Vas-y, mon cher,....


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    C'est ça, fais-moi perdre mon temps et le tien (!)
    Ne te gêne pas, emprunte mes chaussures sans me le demander (!)
    Vas-y, dépense tout ton argent dans les jeux (!)

    Those introductory statements are more or less interchangeable. They can convey a sardonic undertone with the right vocale inflection - but may also be used in a neutral or positive way:

    C'est ça, continue, c'est bien ! (to a child learning to ride a bike)
    Ne te gêne pas, fais-toi à manger si tu as faim pendant la nuit (to a guest at home)
    Vas-y, tourne à droite (to a driver)"


    Sorry - I should have specified: "By all means" is in the same register as "please," "thank you," or "you're welcome," said sarcastically in this example.
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