By all technicality

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  1. Crackle New Member

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    Hello everyone,
    I am translating one of my own videos from English into Spanish, and I have gotten stumped. How would one translate "by all technicality" into Spanish?

    Here is the context:

    By all technicality, the white tiger isn´t even a species that should be saved...
    It´s not even its own subspecies, in captivity it is a severely inbred Bengal/Siberian hybrid

  2. boyaco

    boyaco Senior Member

    Colombia, Spanish
    I'd go with a synomym. Maybe something like "obviously."
  3. CorpenAdes

    CorpenAdes Member

    Castellano, España.
    I'd say "a decir verdad".
  4. Fmorondo Senior Member

    Pamplona, Spain
    "Desde un punto de vista técnico [debería ser más bien científico], el tigre blanco..."

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