By/ At/ On my side???


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Hello amigos!:)

My wife is always by/at/ on my side. ( she supports me)

My wife is standing by/at/on my side. (she is beside me)

In the samples above, What preposition fits better ?

Thanks in advance;

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    At or by my side mean physically there beside you. "On my side" means she supports you morally. You can't use them interchangeably, as "standing on my side" means she is literally standing on your body!

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    Hi all,

    Let me jump in to ask a related question.

    Both "at your side" and "by your side" refer to one's physical closeness to you, right?

    Could you elaborate the difference, if any, between them?

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    If I tried to show a difference between at or by your side it would be possible, I think. By your side is a colloquialism used by a lot of speakers to mean "on your side." We could not use "at" in the same sense. In this usage, there would be a difference, but only bedcause "by your side" is different because of usage.


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    By your side is a colloquialism used by a lot of speakers to mean "on your side."
    What do you feel when use this colloquialism and say something like "He is by my side"?
    1. He is beside me and helps me; the spatial sense of "by". Or,
    2. He acts by my authority, and therefore helps me if I want him to; the authoritative sense of "by" (as in "by law", "by the rules").


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    I use "by my side" and "at my side" as follows:
    She is BY my side. (She is next to me now).
    When we go to a party, she is always AT my side. (We are not at the party now).
    Am I right?
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