by bloodshed do the gods... what does this quote from Aquaman Movie mean?


Take a look at this sentence:

Let us settle his claim in the ancient way, by bloodshed do the gods make known their will

I cannot understand the grammar and it actually doesn't make any sense to me at all

Don't know wether you've seen it or not, but for more info, here in this part of the movie the main character is fighting the antalogist, and the villain says that at the beginning of the battle.
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    by bloodshed do the gods make known their will
    The gods make their will known by bloodshed.
    Bloodshed shows you what the gods want.

    Or in other words, the gods control fate and so determine who lives and who dies in a battle. If you want to know whom the gods favor between two warriors, just have the warriors fight and the one who lives is the favorite of the gods.
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