By (Bye) for now, sparky


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Bye for now, sparky

Last night I was at the pub and after talking with a guy for a while, when he was leaving, he said to me "Bye for now, sparky".

What sparky means when is used for a person? Was something mean or kind of a compliment?
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  • owlman5

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    It sounds humorous and affectionate to me, asertijo. The guy who said that to you likes you and feels comfortable enough in your company to call you "Sparky".

    That name is definitely not insulting. It might imply that you are energetic or lively.


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    Hi asertijio - welcome to the forums!

    Are you, by any chance, an electrician?

    ("Sparky" is a slang/affectionate BrE term for an electrician:).)


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    Welcome to the forum! I imagine it was "Bye for now", short for "Goodbye for now". Sparky usually means someone that's quick or energetic. It was also a common nickname in the past for people who worked in electronics or radio (or an electrician, as Loob said). I would take it as a compliment. It can be used sarcastically but I doubt it was meant that way, given the context.


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    Thanks to all for the help!

    JamesM, yes, I meant bye, I alredy changed it in the message, sorry!

    Loob and Biffo, I'm not an electrician :)

    And Biffo answering the rest of your questions, can't be a wordplay on my name. Yes, I think was a flirtatious conversation, and no, was in an irish pub, in county Wicklow.

    Thanks again guys!